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Larry Dillenbeck - Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Professional Coach 

Salem, Oregon | 503-884-2007 | E-mail

Our mission is to offer opportunities and information to assist individuals and organizations realize their purpose and potential. We offer individual change work sessions, personal and professional coaching, trainings, workshops, seminars and consulting services for organizations. 

We are developing a network of skilled trainers and practitioners to help you chart your course and light the way to your destination.  Lighthouses have always been regarded as symbols of safety and guidance from their early beginnings as bonfires in the night to the stately towers with intense beacons found today.
"When the lighthouse strikes its light, it does not measure the storm.  It does not judge the storm.  It does not say to itself, "I must understand where it is all going." before it shines its light. All it knows is that it was built to endure the darkness, mighty wind and the waves that will crash endlessly over its structure. It's not afraid, either. It doesn't know when the storm will end, how powerful it will become, or the reasoning behind its creation. All the lighthouse knows is that it's safe, and that it must shine a light in the darkness to help others find the safety of the harbor. It never questions how it became light, either, but it knows who it is, and what it's for. It also knows that the light it carries is expected and those in the dark are looking for it. " - From Lifting the Veil, by Lee Carroll

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