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Great Connections

Salem Hypnotherapy Solutions
Emily Cahal is a highly skilled hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. She serves as a Board Member for the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association. Her background, training and experience along with her compassionate positive presence allows her to offer exquisite service to her clients.

Sacred Space Spiritual Center
Sacred Space is a magnificent Spiritual Community that offers a variety of classes, workshops and services to support your healing, empowerment and Spiritual Path. Reverend Patricia Roller is a dear friend and a very skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate Spiritual Guide. 

Sacred Pathways
Wake and Kinlen Wheeler, Advanced practitioners in Shamanic Global Visioning and Global Ayllu (Spiritual Community)
Great Rites of Enlightenment, Embodiment of personal Creator Nature, Andian Cosmology through the shaman and traditional textiles. In my experience, Wake and Kinlen truly have aligned their Wisdom (Yachai), Love (Munay) and Service (Yankay) and are magnificent teachers on the Shamanic Path.

Journeys is a magnificent metaphysical gift shop, book store and center for healing and transformation. I am currently offering sessions and workshops through Journeys.  Visit their website and see how Journeys can support you on your Path!

Inspiration & Associates
Inspiration & Associates offers counseling services inside Journey's. They are a holistic healing center in the heart of Salem. Journey's offers the tools, on the physical level for your path, and Inspiration & assoc. offers tools of the emotional and spiritual kind.

Meta Logia Consulting
Laura Arellano is a master trainer and presenter.  She offers a variety of training opportunities on topics of leadership, communication, organizational development, diversity, teamwork, presentation skills and more!

The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
ACHE offers professional training and certification in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I've received my certifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Instructor and Hypnotherapy Examiner through ACHE.

NLP and Coaching Institute of California
Tim Hallbom was one of my original NLP trainers.  His organization offers NLP Practitioner trainings, Hypnotherapy training, Coach training and a variety of other powerful workshops and seminars.

NLP University
Robert Dilts is one of the early developers of NLP and one of my original NLP trainers. His NLP University website offers a wealth of information about NLP, his products and services.  The site offers an online NLP Encyclopedia and many interesting NLP articles.

Quantum NLP
Christiane Turner is a dear friend and Master NLP Trainer. She is the founder of Quantum NLP LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in NLP Training, Coaching and Consulting. Christiane is building her reputation as a leader who highly values community building and has initiated and organized community projects, which include the annual “NLP EXPO” in Salt Lake City and the “Law of Attraction Club“.

The Art of Ascension
I recently had the pleasure of meeting the Ishaya's and participating in their First Sphere Ascension weekend.  It is a beautiful meditative practice centered around Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion.

The Four Winds Society
Several years ago, I had the privilege of attending the Healing the Light Body School through the Four Winds Society. Dr. Alberto Villoldo teaches the Shamanic healing traditions of the Inka of Peru.  It is a beautiful tradition and powerful method of healing and empowerment.

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